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Size of headstone: 70x55x8 cm
Size of base: 70х12х14 cm
Weight: 128 kg

Size of headstone: 75x65x10 cm
Size of base: 85x12x15 cm
Weight: 190 kg
Size of headstone: 40x80x8 cm
Size of base: 50х12х14 cm
Weight: 102 kg
Size of headstone: 50x50x8 cm
Size of base: 50х10х14 cm
Weight: 82 kg
Size of headstone: 62x80x10 cm
Weight: 140 kg
Size of book: 40x30x8 cm
Size of base: 15x15x15 cm

Size of book: 50x32x8 cm
Size of headstone: 49x70x10 cm
Size of flower-garden: 65х120х14 cm
Weight: 290 kg
Size of flower-garden: 55x55x6(8) cm
Weight: 65 kg
Size of flower-garden: 60x60x4 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Average size of framing: 250x250x12(18) cm
Cross-section of kerb: 10x12 cm
The size of post: 15x15x18 cm
Weight: 350 kg
Size of headstone: 60x90x10 cm
Size of base: 53x14x21 cm
Weight: 250 kg
Size of headstone: 73x100x10 cm
Size of base: 73х16х20 cm
Weight: 268 kg
Average size of framing: 150x250x12(18) cm
Cross-section of kerb: 10x12 cm
The size of post: 15x15x18 cm
Weight: 286 kg
Size of headstone: 80x55x8 cm
Size of base: 65x12x14 cm
Weight: 139 kg
Size of headstone: 40x50x6 cm
Size of base: 45x10x12 cm
Weight: 52 kg

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Size of headstone: 90x60x8 cm
Size of base: 80x12x14 cm
Weight: 170 kg
Sise of set: 100x100x25 cm
Size of headstone: 50x45x15 cm
Size of cross: 32x50x4 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Size of headstone: 55x80x8 cm
Size of base: 120х12х15 cm
Size of small base: 20x12x20 cm
Weight: 280 kg
Size of headstone: 50x80x10 cm
Size of base: 80x20x15 cm
Size of flower-garden: 80х120х12 cm
Weight: 440 kg